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Patrick Serfass

Vice President and COO

202-457-0868 x366


Patrick has over 17 years of management, marketing and engineering experience. Throughout this time, he has worked for nearly a dozen energy-focused, non-profit organizations representing the biogas, biomass, biochar, hydrogen, fuel cell and solar industries, plus a variety of Fortune 100 and small businesses. Patrick served as the spokesperson for three organizations and one automaker, appearing on most major TV networks, print, radio and with celebrities. He speaks often at industry conferences and community forums. Patrick also lobbies all branches of the federal government, as well as, state and local legislative and regulatory bodies. 


Patrick’s early years with TTC focused heavily on merging his engineering degree with his marketing and communications skills to manage and advocate for changes in national building and fire codes and running national education and advocacy campaigns, such as the $500,000 per year H2 and You program. Patrick has run several competitions for technology development, university design teams and student scholarships. He has authored and served as technical editor for numerous papers and reports, including state and national energy roadmaps, market reports, a renewable natural gas pipeline interconnection guide and more.


Before joining TTC, Patrick worked as an architectural engineer, designed deep ocean vehicle prototypes and worked at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Policy and International Affairs. Patrick holds an engineering degree from Dartmouth College, a record for RAAM, the Race Across America (cycling) and serves on the board of the World Biogas Association.

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