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Cordelia Pearson

Finance Coordinator

202-457-0868 x303


Cordelia Pearson serves as Finance Coordinator for TTC and its clients. Her duties include recording incoming and outgoing payments, monitoring the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable lists, invoicing, producing financial reports for TTC and its clients, and managing the day-today activities of the finance department.

Her day-today activities include transition accounts to TTC’s QuickBooks financial management software for businesses, with separate ABO (Activity-Based Costing) accounts. Set up and manage financial recordkeeping with monthly or quarterly reports to the TTC and client Officers or their designee. Preparing invoices and collecting association revenue, including dues payments, sponsorship, exhibit fees, registration and event fees, and publications for sale. Processing invoices and making payments as approved by the Executive Director and/or Treasurer. Prepares monthly financial statements and distributes them to the ABO Treasurer and Chairperson. Provides follow up financial reminders to those members who are in arrears with respect to their dues payments. Maintain bank accounts, creating new ones with a Washington D.C. branch, if appropriate to do so. Assists members experiencing difficulty making online payments and wire transfers.

Before joining TTC, Cordelia worked for seven years at the Giant Food Distribution Center. She brings her organizational skills and a strong background in customer and client relations to the TTC team. She holds a Computer Accounting Certificate from Yorktowne Business Institute from 1988. She has recently studied accounting courses at Prince Georges’ Community College.

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