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About TTC

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy industries. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading universities, and government agencies.


Our Current Clients

California Hydrogen Business Council

The California Hydrogen Business Council The California Hydrogen Business Council is a non-profit organization comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the business of hydrogen. Members include fuel cell manufacturers and suppliers; manufacturers and distributors of hydrogen generation, compression and storage technologies; manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen internal combustion engines; engineers and service providers; and municipal, state and federal agencies


Biomass Thermal Energy CouncilThe Biomass Thermal Energy Council is an association of biomass fuel producers, appliance manufacturers and distributors, supply chain companies and non-profit organizations that view biomass thermal energy as a renewable, responsible, clean and energy-efficient pathway to meeting America’s energy needs. BTEC engages in research, education, and public advocacy for the fast growing biomass thermal energy industry.

American Biogas Council

The American Biogas Council is the first anaerobic digestion (AD) industry association in the United States that represents a full range of AD technologies and projects, including farm-based digesters, centralized facilities processing a variety of municipal and industrial organic waste streams, and existing digesters at municipal wastewater treatment plants. The ABC advocates for policy changes that will recognize the large renewable energy potential of these “waste” streams.


Hydrogen Education FoundationThe Hydrogen Education Foundation promotes clean hydrogen energy technologies through projects in public and media outreach, college student design contests, college technical scholarships, and other innovative national competitions to encourage environmental stewardship, improve energy security, and create green jobs.

Renewable Energy Markets AssociationThe Renewable Energy Markets Association represents organizations that sell, purchase, or promote renewable energy products. These products include Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), retail green power programs, utility green pricing services, and on-site renewable energy solutions.

Partnership for Advancing the Transition to HydrogenThe Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen
(PATH) is the international coalition of hydrogen associations that seeks international cooperation to help advance the transition to hydrogen as a carbon-free energy carrier and a solution to environmental and energy issues. The 20 PATH associations and members around the world represent 79% of the world's GDP and 40% of the global population.

EPRIThe Electric Power Research Institute has contracted with TTC to help develop functional requirements for energy storage in four generic applications, from grid support at different points in the system, to integration of large scale wind and solar projects.

DOEThe U.S. Department of Energy tapped TTC to produce a series of successful webinars on the theme "Hydrogen Learning for Local Leaders." Thousands of attendees learned about successful hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives across the nation.

Total Energy USATotal Energy USA is a new trade event will assemble the full range of traditional and renewable energy industries for a comprehensive look at the overarching, integrated energy solutions needed to meet today’s energy challenges. TTC has been picked to manage the content for this groundbreaking show.

Secure Sustainability InstituteThe Secure Sustainability Institute is comprised of senior experts in law, finance, defense, domestic and international infrastructure development, advanced technologies, sustainability and government affairs. It helps clients understand, comply with, and take advantage of the emerging regulatory frameworks that require "sustainability" elements in the myriad forms of government/private sector projects, procurements and collaborations.

Association of Environmental Engineering and Science ProfessorsAssociation of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors

AEESP is a 501(C)6 organization, made up of professors in academic programs throughout the world who provide education in the sciences and technologies of environmental protection. Founded in 1963 as a private nonprofit organization, AEESP has more than 800 members in universities throughout the world. The Association assists its members in improving education and research programs, encourages graduate education, and serves the profession by providing information to government agencies and the public, and provides direct benefits to its members.

AEESP FoundationAEESP Foundation

The mission of the AEESP Foundation is to improve the state of knowledge in environmental engineering and science through the support and encouragement of excellent education, outreach, and scientific research. The focus of the Foundation’s programs is at the university level, and includes awards programs for professors and students as well as sponsorship of an annual Distinguished Lecturer Series. In addition, the Foundation supports engagement of university environmental engineering and science faculty and students with K-12 educational programs. The organization also sponsors and distributes publications about environmental engineering and science at nominal cost. AEESP Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization incorporated in Illinois in 2006 and designated as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS in 2007.



Examples of Current and Former Clients

Since 1987, we have served over 400 different clients in the clean energy industry. You'll find several examples below.
Automobile Industry
BMW of North America, Inc.
General Motors Corporation
Toyota Motor Sales

Energy Companies
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Chevron Technology Ventures
Linde Group
Shell Oil Company

Electric Utility Industry
Electric Power Research Institute
GE Energy
Hawaii Electric Light Company
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Bioenergy Companies
Bear Mountain Forest Products
International WoodFuels
Plum Creek

Government Agencies & Laboratories
California Air Resources Board
California Energy Commission
Environmental Protection Agency
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Energy

Pennsylvania State University
University of California – Davis